Our Troop is Chartered by LeRoy United Methodist Church in Westfield Center, OH.  Learn more about LeRoy UMC at their site.

Our Troop's mission is to work with young men to help them become productive members of our society by delivering a quality Boy Scout program.  Our
 Boy Scout program works toward three goals.

  • First, to grow in moral strength and character.  We may define this as what a boy is himself, his personal qualities, his values, and his outlook.

  • Second, participation in citizenship.  Used broadly, citizenship means the boy’s relationship to others.  He comes to learn of his obligations to other people, to the society he lives in, to the government that presides over that society.

  • Third, development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness.  Fitness includes the body (well tuned and healthy), the mind (able to think and solve problems), and the emotions (self-control, courage, and self-respect).

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